The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Said the Word

I am so slanted as to be slate
through a window’s slat

and the slit of the split
of your lip makes me want for want

For years I was alphabetized
and then I became something

confessed in a room you were not
and in that room was a bottle

of your mother’s perfume with
its label peeled off All your life

you will search for that scent

Oh Lord

I [verb] my [noun] for you to keep.
And this [fruit] I offer thee,
and beneath these [type of tree (pl.)]
I [verb], and Lord, I am [adjective],
and Lord, I have lost all my [noun (pl.)].
I come to you [state of being].
I have nothing besides my [noun],
and even it is [adjective].
On the street, I glimpsed [pronoun]
and scooped out my [body part]
in [abstract noun related to sky].
Forgive me my, Oh Lord, and I will forgive.
These waters are [adjectives],
and yet, I swim and swear and [verb].
Now I lay me down to [verb],
and if I [verb] before I wake, oh Lord,
then I am yours for the taking.
And Lord, [imperative subjunction],
if the sky and the [noun (pl.)]
shall fall, let them fall into my [body part]
and slip through my [other body part].
And also keep me from myself,
as I have kept myself from others,
and keep us all from the [weather],
and keep the weather in a [jar],
and call the [jar] a [name for earth]
and let it be blessed, let it shine like
[a shiny thing], and let me, even in my
failure, be [a shiny thing] too. Amen.

Another November

Most days look like the day before,
that is, if we’re lucky. Or unlucky.


in which we are only material for the universe


Close your eyes I’ll tell you more


do you believe me     believe me


Who can I blame for what I became


and do you pray still do you still pray


you see I collect light


backbone   fishtail   scapegoat