Old Story, New Home

by nicolecallihan

So, I’ve just found out I got a story published! Shadowbox Press which specializes in beautiful handmade limited edition books sent out a call for poems and stories to be anthologized in a book called The Musculature of Small Birds, a book devoted entirely to poems and stories with the things that are hope!

My story, “Love Song,” is about a woman named Melissa who works in the maternity ward at a hospital in Amarillo; her job is to ink the newborn’s foot and press its print onto the birth certificate. The story is a letter written by Melissa to a man who was in her college poetry workshop and who fathered her child. He’s moved to New York City where he’s become a fairly well known poet, and she’s been dreaming she gives birth to a bird. The doctors believe the father of the child was a sparrow; the reader is led to believe the father may actually be dead.

Yowza! I hope the story itself isn’t so confusing! I thank the kind editor who accepted it, and also give a shoutout to my old friend Jason Nelson who inspired it by taking me to a bbq restaurant off Old Highway 9 and telling me stories about the end of the world.