The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: June, 2007


Bring on the corn nuts and Dr. Pepper, I’m headed to the homeland!

I Do!!!

(My heart just did a few flips about marrying such a wonderful man. That’s all.)

Old Story, New Home

So, I’ve just found out I got a story published! Shadowbox Press which specializes in beautiful handmade limited edition books sent out a call for poems and stories to be anthologized in a book called The Musculature of Small Birds, a book devoted entirely to poems and stories with the things that are hope!

My story, “Love Song,” is about a woman named Melissa who works in the maternity ward at a hospital in Amarillo; her job is to ink the newborn’s foot and press its print onto the birth certificate. The story is a letter written by Melissa to a man who was in her college poetry workshop and who fathered her child. He’s moved to New York City where he’s become a fairly well known poet, and she’s been dreaming she gives birth to a bird. The doctors believe the father of the child was a sparrow; the reader is led to believe the father may actually be dead.

Yowza! I hope the story itself isn’t so confusing! I thank the kind editor who accepted it, and also give a shoutout to my old friend Jason Nelson who inspired it by taking me to a bbq restaurant off Old Highway 9 and telling me stories about the end of the world.

One of my Favorite Poems in the World


by Amy Hosig, my dear friend

Bless these shrimp from Sing Hing
that I am about to eat,
that spent their life, hopefully,
jetting about
in odd, propulsive motion
without minds
and before language.

Oh you little shrimp
who involuntarily
died for me,
make me,
like the intelligent whale,
able to change you
into song.

Health & Fitness Tips #13-#14

From the Belgian aesthetician who painted me in warm algae and wrapped me in Saran Wrap:

13. Begin every day with an eyedropper-full of liquid oxygen. Put it into your water (see fitness tip #1!); do not stir. This will, apparently, make you live forever.

14. While sipping your liquid-oxygen-infused-water, contract your gluteal muscles. (Heck, do it now! In fact, do it any time you think of it.) Cellulite–and I apologize for typing out such an ugly word–is drawn to flat surfaces. Rounded surfaces receive far less of the unattractive stuff, so rounded bum equals smoother bum equals perhaps a generally happier person though surely I shouldn’t bring happiness into this because, lordy, what kind of a woman equates happiness with glute contractions?

Home Sweet Home

Have been dreaming of:

1) Running into the glass-breaker and her mother in a bakery; I am eating a croissant and avoiding their eyes; her mother asks me where the bathroom is.

2) Spiders crawling out of spider veins.

3) Sunflowers.

4) My dress missing, the cake unordered, the music not playing, the flowers not blooming.

5) Joe telling me a joke but forgetting the punchline.

6) Dave having heart palpitations.

Some things, though, I’m not sure if I dream, or if my mind just seems to have dreamed.

The little siblings: Madeline, Tommy, Kenny. I imagine them swinging double-dutch ropes, and mom (sweet, sweet mom) yelling out ready, set and then running and jumping in those ropes:

Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went downstairs to kiss her fellow, made a mistake…

7) And snakes, too; sometimes I dream of snakes, but mostly of missing trains, not remembering the track or waiting tables and not remembering the order, of being in the high school play and not remembering the lines, of not remembering it seems…

I think that’s what I fear most: not remembering. If only I knew what it is that I don’t quite remember.

An Empty Shell

What I fear my life without children would be:

A Diddy for my Daddy

O, it’s father’s day!

What can I say?

You dream all night,

and you think all day!

Your mind’s a whip;

your picking’s a force;

your wife’s your sweetie;

your heart’s a horse!

You got Joe and Dave and Chuck and me–

all your younguns, as strange as can be.

And o my pappy–I hate to get sappy!–

but you’re the reason we’re so durned happy!

And you?

This is where I am today: