Very, Very 33

by nicolecallihan

O Cake!

Birthday cake.
Eat yourself silly cake.
Chocolate cake and carrot cake and yellow cake.
Strawberry cake and pound cake.
Just one more slice cake.
Love me some icing cake.
Laughing cake.
A laugh until you cry cake.
A Patty cake.
Patty cake.

I cake you cake.
I cake you very much cake.
Show me a cake that never caked
and I’ll show you a cake that never was cake.
Roll it up cake.
Roll it up! Roll it up! Throw it in a pan cake.
An even a bad cake is good cake cake.
A shit-eating grin ‘cause I got me a cake cake.
A close my eyes and make me a wish cake.
An oh I ate too much cake and I kinda wanna die cake,
but let me lick the knife,
just let me get that one last little bit of cake.