The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: October, 2007

In 1996, I went as Sylvia Plath

I put on pearls and tights and fashioned an old box into an oven which I situated on my head with a coat hanger and some Scotch tape. It was my first year in the city, and I went to the famed NYC village parade. All night people asked me if I was a television set.

In 1983, I sprayed my hair green and went as a punk rocker. Every other year I can remember I was a hobo. How about you? Humor me with your litany of costumes.

The Honeymoon is Over…

You see, the thing is,
I like waking up to rainbows…

and a husband…

and little boats just bobbing on the surface of the sea…

I remember during the wedding planning I had a meeting with the florist, and in an attempt to “feel me out,” she asked me what I love. “Poetry,” I told her. “And walks on the beach and sunsets, dinners too, and lots of candles.”

It took me a long moment to realize I sounded more like the curly cursive of a Playboy centerfold than an actual human, let alone, a woman, a–dare I say it? (only with half a tongue in my cheek…)–scholar. “But, yes,” I said to her. “I mean, really good poems and good dinners and long walks and the kinds of sunsets after big storms.” It was hopeless. I was bumbling, digging myself further and further with some pearl-encrusted shovel.

But now this again: this world. This red bird, this can of nuts, these papers and these walls, these books and these pens, this waiting for this sun (the one that’s blocked by the buildings) to set, for love to come home, for water to boil, for the water that has boiled to be poured into this blue pitcher.

I mean, of course, I want to be waking up to a rainbow in the morning and lapping honey off the moon tonight, but right now, this tapping of these keys, this is what I’ve got, and right now, it is exactly what I need.

The Sea Raged Wild

The End.

you are so BLUEtiful, to me….

& more!

and now i must direct you to my blog- because i had quite the day today, and there is a pigeon related post on there you all should read!

roses are red, violets are BLUE!

AND now a few answers to some frequently asked questions (this week in my life)…
1. where’s the pitcher from?
the pitcher was bought at macy’s- it’s fiestware
2. did you make the pitcher?
i didn’t make it- i wish i knew how to though!! one day i’ll take a pottery class, and when i do i will make a blue pitcher!
3. do you know the people in the pictures?
I don’t know most of them- i do know some though! i work with many of them, 2 are roomates and a few friends, too! and i am in one!
4. How long are you going to do this for?
till sunday- i’m having fun with it, but now really- how long can someone lug a ceramic pitcher around for?!
5. Are you crazy?
yes. 🙂 i prefer creative to crazy, but i guess a bit of both.
6. Do people ever say no?
YES. plenty. none today though!

and that is all…more pics to come tomorrow!

Reader, I Married Him

And yes…
the sky was blue-pitcher-blue…

ooo an illustration! (and a poem)

i was going to solely post blue pitcher photos here but i just completed this illustration for “Illustration Friday” and since it’s a collage and i happen to put the blue pitcher in it i thought i should post it here too!
illustration friday is a site for illustrators that gives a theme each week and all the bloggers out there post an image relating to the theme. this week’s theme was “grow”- to read more about it you can go to my blog-

and as long as i’m going off topic for a moment, i give you a literary masterpiece:

There once was a girl on the upper west side
Who only ordered in dinner that was fried
She had a hobby, writing a blog
In England people call a kiss a snog.
Nicole-the-Poet is away being wed
And Margot, “be my guest blogger,” she said!

on that note, good night! more blue pitcher pictures to come tomorrow!

wednesday theme day.

hehe, keeping myself amused!