ooo an illustration! (and a poem)

by nicolecallihan

i was going to solely post blue pitcher photos here but i just completed this illustration for “Illustration Friday” and since it’s a collage and i happen to put the blue pitcher in it i thought i should post it here too!
illustration friday is a site for illustrators that gives a theme each week and all the bloggers out there post an image relating to the theme. this week’s theme was “grow”- to read more about it you can go to my blog-

and as long as i’m going off topic for a moment, i give you a literary masterpiece:

There once was a girl on the upper west side
Who only ordered in dinner that was fried
She had a hobby, writing a blog
In England people call a kiss a snog.
Nicole-the-Poet is away being wed
And Margot, “be my guest blogger,” she said!

on that note, good night! more blue pitcher pictures to come tomorrow!