roses are red, violets are BLUE!

by nicolecallihan

AND now a few answers to some frequently asked questions (this week in my life)…
1. where’s the pitcher from?
the pitcher was bought at macy’s- it’s fiestware
2. did you make the pitcher?
i didn’t make it- i wish i knew how to though!! one day i’ll take a pottery class, and when i do i will make a blue pitcher!
3. do you know the people in the pictures?
I don’t know most of them- i do know some though! i work with many of them, 2 are roomates and a few friends, too! and i am in one!
4. How long are you going to do this for?
till sunday- i’m having fun with it, but now really- how long can someone lug a ceramic pitcher around for?!
5. Are you crazy?
yes. 🙂 i prefer creative to crazy, but i guess a bit of both.
6. Do people ever say no?
YES. plenty. none today though!

and that is all…more pics to come tomorrow!