The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: October, 2007

The Blue Period.

another roomate-given title!
Some pics from today!!!

monday blues.

i don’t have the blues, but my roomates are helping me think of blue puns and this won for today!

& thank you all so much for commenting! i really love the comments, keep them coming!
more to come tomorrow!

something blue

Going To The Chapel….

today’s the day!!!! CONGRATS NICOLE & CODY!!!! and the blue pitcher is all dressed to celebrate!

…and now i need a nap!

The Blue Pitcher continues….

some photos from day 2 of blue pitcher takes nyc. more pictures from today to be posted later!!

The Blue Pitcher.

a photo contribution in honor of this blog’s title. more to come- this blue pitcher is going to have a busy week!

Nicole-The-Poet, a memoir.

A long time ago, in a far away placed (a.k.a Staten Island, New York), lived a gal named Margot who’s mother, named Linsey, worked with a teaching poet, named Nicole. They became friends and many moons later, Margot’s family was discussing the people they admire most around the dinner table. What’s important to note here, is that Margot majored in Illustration and was on the brink of making a major decision that would forever shape her life. And while pondering that question, of who she admired most, Margot made that realization. She named a few names (all of whom know they are quite important to her) and among those names was Nicole’s.
Why Nicole, you might ask- because she’s done something rare and admirable. She makes a living out of what she has a passion for. It’s sad to think that that’s not always the case. That so many people end up settling. But sitting there, at the dinner table, with her loving and supportive family, Margot decided not to settle, because Nicole-The-Poet didn’t. If Nicole-The-Poet could be a writer and touch the lives of others (specifically working with the student’s at Lisney’s school who’s lives she touches and brightens) then Margot could do it too. She could be an artist, because as a fortune cookie once told her, “keep true to the dreams of your youth”.

And I’m done typing in 3rd person now, congratulations Nicole-The-Poet!!!! I can’t wait to see wedding pictures!
And thank you for letting me guest blog! & thank you for being inspiring!

Not to Get All Garth Brooks on You but…

When I was a girl I knew exactly what I wanted when I grew up: I’d move to Myrtle Beach, marry the lifeguard, have some babies, divorce the lifeguard and raise my beautiful children all on my own. I badly wanted to be a single mother, and the lifeguard fit into that plan like a hook in a fish. I’d dabble in movie stardom, go horseback riding and operate on brains, and at night, I’d return home to my precious latchkey kids who’d have a warm dinner waiting for me.

Alas! Cue that song about thanking God for unanswered prayers. I met Cody, fell in love, and now I’m heading three hours east to marry him by the sea. The next time I write this blog I’ll be what I never imagined being: a happily married woman.

In the meanwhile, artist and dearheart, Margot Miller, will be guest-blogging. Take good care.

Health & Fitness Tip #20

From the wise-ish fellow who led a Core Fusion class I happened upon in midtown the other day:

“You know how your mother used to tell you not to make funny faces or they’d stick. Well it’s the same with your abs. Suck ’em in girls! Suck ’em in!”

Something New

From the minds of babes…
Courtesy of Gabe, pre-schooler;
titled: “Matter.”