Book Release Party!!!

by nicolecallihan

Inspired by Pablo Neruda, my student in an ESL class at New Dorp High School wrote this poem in class a few weeks ago:

Ode to Anger

by Gulsen M.

Anger, black

with two mean eyes,

voice like an animal,

don’t come here.

Go away

to your angry world.

In this world

there is no anger voice.

Here it is just lovely voices

making you dream forever.


No entry here.

Just exit here

for angry voice,

for two black eyes.

Just exit.

Forever and ever.

Go away.

You can hear it and many other gems at the Staten Island Barnes & Noble this Sunday at 2 o’clock when we release Sunsongs, an anthology of poems written by students from the Hungerford School. Hope to see you then!