Week 17

by nicolecallihan

So, I’ve gotta say, last week’s post about the grapefruit scared the bejeezus out of me. To carry a plum or a nectarine in one’s abdomen feels doable–pretty even; to haul around a honeydew seems almost obnoxious! Fortunately, the folks over at babyfit.com sent me a fruitless email this morning, looks like the baby will be measured in mere inches from here on out.

Anyway, inspired by little miss mel’s entire line of belly shots, I’ve decided to start posting my own. (Yikes!). Here I was at ten weeks, going along my merry way (ladeedadeedadeeda).

And here I am today
(post-yogurt, Fiber One, blueberries, peach, tall glass of milk,
hummus, cheese, crackers and PB&J;
my appetite is voracious!):

As you can tell I haven’t quite “popped” yet, but I’m definitely doing the whole “thicken around the middle” thing.

This baby is floating in a cloud of cupcake frosting–and from the little flutters I feel–he (or she!) couldn’t be happier…