Church Lady Pies & Cowboy Kickers

by nicolecallihan

Once a year, on the third of July, the church ladies of Joplin, Missouri–and I’d imagine there are quite a few–roll up their sleeves, get out their rolling pins and start making their pies. French silk, coconut cream, lemon meringue, good ole apple, blueberry crumble, boysenberry crisp, anything you can imagine, each for ten dollars a pop.

Poor, poor church ladies probably had to work overtime this year to take care of my insatiable sweet tooth.
And if you’re wondering why all of Joplin needs the endless vats of sugar and butter, it’s to get the energy up for the homegrown fireworks show courtesy of my father-in-law.
Between keeping both my eyes and refraining from eating an entire pie, looks like it might be a long day. Happy firecrackers and potato salad!!! Long live the lemonade.