Latin for Cake

by nicolecallihan

Perhaps I’ve found a way to simultaneously curb my sweet tooth and quadruple my anxiety about giving birth. [Not that I’m anxious (I keep telling myself!), not at all–it’s perfectly natural and beautiful; everyone was born.] I’m just struck by the vast new vocabulary I’ve acquired since getting knocked up.

I remember when “sunny side up” was merely a way to order eggs, when “back labor” was akin to working overtime, when “placenta” was just something somehow related to babies. Now, placenta, Latin for cake, has a whole new meaning, and those long walks down to Sugar Sweet Sunshine, the ones I couldn’t do without early in my pregnancy, where I’d belly up to the counter and order vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, well, they’ve taken on a whole new hue.

Ah, for the days when cake meant little more than happiness and calories…