Weigh-In Monday

by nicolecallihan

Okay, so yesterday, i.e. weigh-in Monday, I was not doing my usual jaunt down to WW. Nope, I was sitting in Joy’s Country Skillet about three hours outside of New York watching through a greasy window as the snow fell and having this conversation:

Hubs: What do you think is worse–a Waffle with two eggs and bacon or a grilled pastrami and swiss with fries?

Me: Worse?

Hubs: You know, the most points.

Hmm…Meanwhile, I was wondering if the meatloaf was made with lean meat. (Don’t worry–I didn’t ask!) So…there are no weigh-in results. I seemed a bit down on my own scale (I opted for a bowl of Beef Barley & a Greek Salad), but, I’ve never been one to count my chickens (or maybe I am: about a point an ounce), or for that matter, my chicken fried steak (about a million points an ounce).

In other news, Eva and I have a giant playdate to watch the inauguration today. Yes, it’s true: one can simultaneously breastfeed and watch history unfold. And here I had started to think of myself as a one-trick pony!