Day 60: Batteries Not Included

by nicolecallihan

My mother says that in the last days she and my father were together he gave her some of the best advice she ever received. He was talking about me, still so very small, and Mary, he said, she’s not a doll. You can’t just take her down and play with her when you feel like it. Of course I thought of this on Monday when–after a very failed movie attempt with friends–we came home to play dress-up. Yes, my father’s advice is sound advice, but can’t a girl have a little fun?

Eva as 1950’s pull-my-string doll:
“ma-ma, ma-ma.”
Can’t you just hear it?

Eva as groovy Peruvian my other-car-is-a-snowboard doll:
Eva as preppy jock doll:
Eva as ballerina-bird-with-bow doll flying through the blue, blue sky:
While she may not be a doll, she sure does look like one.