Day 137

by nicolecallihan

The day I realize that yesterday was actually Day 136; yesterday, when an old student came by and I answered the door in my pajamas; yesterday, when the old student offered chocolate, and I thanked her–probably too profusely–then served her lukewarm tea because I hadn’t remembered to turn on the kettle. I thought it was because of the baby, she said, so I wouldn’t burn her.

We sat with our lukewarm tea and our foil-wrapped chocolates, and it struck me that this fiercely independent young woman, who’s just gotten into law school and wants to see even more of the world, was probably tacking on a few more years until the time she wants to have a baby. Had I remembered she was coming and slopped on some concealer, she might feel very differently. But it’s incredible, I kept telling her. Best thing I’ve ever done. And though I meant it with all my heart, she seemed suspicious. I guess that’s what it means to be 22. Ah 22…