The Calamity Janes

by nicolecallihan

Last year, when my dear friend Zoe and I met up for our annual walk around Prospect Park, we were surprised–and thrilled–to find out that we’d both managed to get ourselves knocked up since we’d last seen each other. (No wonder we’d been too busy to get a coffee!) And so we walked. And walked. And walked. All around the park, all the months of our pregnancies, planning our drug-free, surprisingly painless births and trying to fathom the beings that grew inside of us.

And then they were born: Anna Jane on November 20 and Eva Jane just nine days later. The Calamity Janes, we call them. Yesterday, we didn’t walk around the park; instead, we laid on blankets with our daughters and celebrated Anna’s six month birthday. Happy birthday, sweet Anna. We look forward to years and years of sunshine, laughter and blankets in the park.