The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: October, 2009

Subway Poem 10

An Orthodox boy carries a hat box
And stares at an old map.
He’s never been where he’s going.

And beyond him, another man
With hundreds of keys
And a black umbrella.

I want to tell him how cloudless
It is above ground,
Tell him his umbrella is useless.

Here, a baby cries,
And down in Memphis,
A baby waits to be born.

Yesterday, my oldest friend asked
If we ever get over the past.
I thought of him all those miles
And years and years away.

I sure hope not.

Subway Poem 9

I’ve got a rubber chicken
In a plastic bag
And I’m Coney Island bound
On the F-train

People are wearing pearls
And smacking gum
And reading the Post

And I’m wondering
If before all this
There was a rubber egg
If it came first
Came before this chicken

Wondering if home will come first
Come before the cyclone and the sea
Wondering if these doors will open
And I’ll wander out to find a saner me

Day 331

O, Evabird, I’m baffled by how much there is to teach you. This is the fall, and these are the leaves and this is what the leaves do in the fall; this is the ground; (that is the crunch of the leaves that you hear with your ears! & these are your ears!); this is a wheelbarrow, and over there is a pumpkin; this is an orange pumpkin in a blue wheelbarrow under an even bluer sky; this is green and this is red, and red means stop, or sometimes love, and green means go or grass or that you may be feeling ill or envious, or that spring is near because the tips of trees are turning green, but spring is really not near at all; this is fall, and then there will be winter, and it will snow, and I will worry about all the things I may have forgotten, and I will wish us another thousand seasons and hope that in them, everything else will come.

Subway Poem 8

The tunnel was dark.
The woman was warm.
Would you rather be light?
The woman asked.
Would you rather be cold?
The tunnel replied.
The woman said nothing.
Instead, she stepped onto the train,
Pulled her hair off her neck
To cool herself

And in the sway of the train
And the dark of the window
She made a list of all
That she had ever loved.
You were there, of course,
On the list, along with the birds
And fall and falling,
But then there were other things,
Darker things, tunnels, silences.
And the list grew and grew
Until it became something else entirely,
Something silver and filled

And hidden under the city,
Something pulsing, vibrant,
Entirely unseen from the sky,
Almost invisible in its desire.

Subway Poem 7

I’ve started believing that if you wait long enough, the train will come, and if you wait even longer, it’ll go, then come again and go, come again and go, and probably if you waited even longer, the building would crumble and the tracks erode. No, that’s not right. It would all just get slicker and newer and faster, and you’d still be standing on the platform when it started wearing down again, and hell, you’d think, I’ve been standing here since it only cost a buck to get on this train. And you’d laugh at all the suckers who paid $2.25, laugh and laugh, and they’d look at you like you were just some crazy on the platform, standing there while the trains enter and leave the station, again and again, like the most obedient of sunrises.

Two Blissful Years

Day 322

Today, my little love, you’ve eaten blueberry pancakes at 4 am in a vegas casino, and you’ve laughed (hard!), and you’ve swam in
a swimming pool and napped with your dad and said Hi to at least a hundred strangers, and just minutes ago, inside the cabana, you took your first steps. The breeze is light, and the palm trees are tall, and every moment I love you more than I loved you the last. Happy 322nd Day! I hope it’s your best one yet.

And then there’s this…

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Why I Subscribe to the Listserve (Ex. 3)

My co-worker really likes beef jerky. So to thank him for his help this year, I’d like to buy him some good beef jerky. Not the mass produced kind that you can find at the supermarket. But the “gourmet” beef jerky that is very delicious. Does anyone know where I can buy “gourmet” beef jerky online or in Brooklyn?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations,

Why I Subscribe to the Listserve (Ex. 2)

I get really bad headaches and get extremely dizzy while having sex. Does this happen to anyone?


Mom to Corey and Alex