The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: October, 2013

Reading tomorrow night

Come out tomorrow night to the LANDFALL/LANDRISE Reading. Proceeds to go to the Red Hook Initiative’s continuing relief efforts for those still affected by Hurricane Sandy. More information can be found here.

Found Poem


(Poem found in magazine while at gym)

The big fat truth?
For the tush of your dreams
you better work. News flash:
Eating badly doesn’t make you a bad person.
In fact, it takes an additional 3,500
calories to gain a pound overnight.
That’s 49 sugar cookies
or 12 slices of pumpkin pie.
Easy fix? Freeze it!
Or chew a stick of sugarless gum.
If you’re bored:
Gouda Mac with Kale and Bacon.
Trust us: sex and running
trigger similar physical responses
(breathing faster, sweating more);
just think of yourself as a brand.
Seriously, it’s the holy grail of feeling beautiful.
Did I mention that my boyfriend
just confessed he pees in our shower?
Don’t worry. There is joy in the bubble.

Once upon October

(poem was here. It wished itself away.)

From The Book of Ruth


When habits fail

The Trick

It was not habit that made me
write the wrong year, and yet,
I wrote it, made this October
into next, threw my marriage
to the itch of seven years,turned
one girl 5, sent the other to school.
Will the same things that haunt me 
now haunt me then? A pen,
a stroke, a three into a four:
Two parts wiseman, one part whore.
Sometimes I think the opposite of habit
is magic. But I’m wrong. Poof–we disappear.

Eva says

Mom, I am as tired as a cat in the sun.