The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: March, 2015


where the wind comes sweeping

On Joanna Fuhrman’s Yellow Butterflies

Here is the first review I have ever written.

It is very bizarre. I hope you like it.

Baltic Writing Residency Chapbook Contest

Thrilled to say that Bob Hicok chose A Study in Spring as the winner of the 2015 Baltic Writing Residency Chapbook contest. Zoe Ryder White (whose heart and poems I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!) and I wrote it together last spring. In it, I play the role of–wait for it!–an essay writing teacher. It’s this sort of stretch that spurs the mind. Anyway, I CAN’T wait to see it in print.

Here’s the first poem in the book:

Artist Statement


Schrodinger’s Cat & the Freshman Essay

New Poems at Tinderbox

one about riding the Phantasmagoria

one about a bird stuck in the garage

one about conferencing with a student


perchance to dream

Physics is Phun

That’s what Mr. Jaeger said.

(the winter of our discontent)

I kept hoping for a new sweater…