by nicolecallihan

Well, it seems I went and wrote a novella. Actually, three summers ago several of my colleagues and I decided to have a friendly novel writing challenge. We cranked out pages day after day and met up on Thursdays in a dark little bar on Smith Street to share what we had done. It had been years since I had written much fiction, but I loved it. The pacing, the dialogue, getting to dream up a bunch of imaginary interactions among a whole slew of characters.

The next summer, summer of 2017, I received an NYU Faculty-in-Residence position in Prague. There for ten days, I ate a lot of meat, walked to Kafka’s grave, and finished the last fifteen or so pages of the book. Everything raveling and unraveling.

This past December, while I was in Abu Dhabi celebrating the release of Translucence, I received the dreamy news that Mason Jar Press  would publish The Couples alongside novellas from Jaime Fountaine and Tomas Moniz. Since then, I’ve gone through so many edits. I had the sudden realization that I had abruptly switched to present tense around page twenty-five. I also had to come to terms with my overuse of exclamation marks (Imagine!!!) and my tendency to look “up” at the sky. The editing process has been intense and rewarding. I rewrote the penultimate paragraph about forty times and would probably have kept rewriting it if the editors hadn’t put the kibosh on it!

Anyway, I’m really proud of this thing I made; it feels good. I hope you will buy it; I also hope you might be able to make one of the many events for launching it.  Here’s an excerpt. And I promise the whole thing isn’t written in second person (that would probably be painful!), but it gives a little taste for the feel of the book.

Tuesday, July 16
“The Couples” Book Tour
w/ Jaime Fountaine & Tomas Moniz
Tattooed Mom
Philadelphia, PA; 7 pm

Wednesday, July 17
“The Couples” Book Tour
w/ Jaime Fountaine & Tomas Moniz
Center for Fiction
Brooklyn, New York; 7 pm

Thursday, July 18
“The Couples” Book party!!!
w/ Jaime Fountaine & Tomas Moniz
KGB Red Room
New York, NY; 6-8 pm

Friday, July 19
“The Couples” Book Tour
w/ Jaime Fountaine & Tomas Moniz
RJ Julia Bookstore
Middletown, CT; 7 pm

Saturday, July 20
“The Couples” Book Tour
w/ Jaime Fountaine & Tomas Moniz
Solid State Books
Washington, D.C.; 4 pm

Sunday, July 21
“The Couples” Book Tour
w/ Jaime Fountaine & Tomas Moniz
Bird in Hand
Baltimore, MD; 6 pm