The Blue Pitcher

that which may be filled and emptied

Month: December, 2012

Among other things: A Bird

I have fallen in love with this book
which Anna gave Eva for her birthday last year.
And lately, I am also in love
with poems and my girls and just being here.
All morning I have been watching the saddest news.
I stare at my computer and cry:
14 small coats hanging on hooks.
I keep waiting for Ella to wake so I can go to her and nurse her
but the house stays quiet.
I wonder when the snow will come again.

A Snippet

From a new essay I’ve been working on about sororities, cigarettes & Elle Woods:

There was one girl in my sorority, Jennifer, actually there were many, many Jennifers, but this one Jennifer, one who I sometimes ran prayer group with, even though out in the quad I questioned not only the existence of sororities but also of God, and on really, really cold days, the existence even of a self, but this Jennifer had worked at Disney World as a Princess, and even though, she looked EXACTLY like Cinderella, and had the most beautiful Cinderella-like hair I had ever seen, they made her wear a wig. That’s just the way it is, she told me.