Dream Interpreters Needed

by nicolecallihan

People keep asking me if my dreams are more exciting now that I’m knocked up. The simple answer: not really. I did have the dream about giving birth to a bear, but beyond that, they’ve been almost painfully ordinary.

Three nights ago, I dreamed my former student, Britta, let me cheat off of her for our Physics exam. Thanks, Britta.

Then, last night, I dreamed I was in a wild game of Pictionary. My word was “lion.” And lions I drew, over and over: lion faces and lion bodies, lion paws, lion manes. No one could guess. Finally, I drew an airplane and Africa and a jungle. The more I drew the further I got from the lion. I did that thing where you jump up and down and move your hands in circles to egg on the crowd. The bell rang; my time ended. “Lion,” I said. “Oh,” they said.

I can only marvel at what my subconscious must be working through…anybody wanna take a guess?